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Sea Freight

Sea Freight:



We offer a wide range of Sea Freight solutions that allow our customers to import and export large-scale cargo containers in safe and secure ways, as well as complete visibility from collection until delivery to the final destination. SUPERTERRA is fully prepared for the international customs and home customers alike in the freight forwarding services


Our company is funded by our trusted partners in the Middle East, the US, Europe, Africa, China, Australia, India, and the CIS countries around the whole world. The following facilities are included in our Sea Freight division:


  • Resources for import and export
  • Airport or port facilities
  • Solutions of restructuring
  • Hazardous Products
  • Solutions Cross Border

Sea transport:


The 40 ft cargo and other FCL containers can be delivered. We can use LCL from all US seaports to your destination maritime ports if the cargo is less than one container. Provision of the facility for custom clearance to receive the cargo from the plant. We have in-house logistics and freight forwarding and provide the best facilities at an economical price. Efficient seaside facilities and supplies ensure that the consumer services are available to the destination. Sea freight




The option between a full load of sealed containers (FCL) or a load of containers (LCL) is one of the most critical aspects of your sea freight into the US. As the name suggests, an FCL means that you can hold the entire container and space. Dept. 20 or 40 feet (43 feet) FCL, each with a minimum of 10 or 21 regular US pallets, depending on the amount of cargo you can select. The regular US pallet is 47.24 cm long and 39.37 cm tall. When you use more than half the container space, it is easier to opt for an FCL, as it makes it possible for you to benefit more from the costs of land transportation.


There are some ocean freight services available in the United States. It involves picking up and shipping of cargoes to and from the postal codes to make the sea shipping process a more secure one in the same way we have air freight read more…

  1. Import & Export Services
  2. To Airport, or to Door Services
  3. Consolidation Solutions
  4. Dangerous Goods
  5. Cross Country Solutions