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Land Transportation

International Land Transportation:

  • We possess the expertise to satisfy our clients’ international tracking needs. We can also easily connect Road Freight with Air freight, Ocean freight, Itl freight companies, and Warehousing to create a cost-effective end-to-end solution for our clients.
    We deliver both FTL Bonded and non-bonded International Land Transportation services to ICD & Landlocked Countries & Regions, including customs clearance and door-to-door services from all of our locations. With a large region-wide distribution network, we can arrange transportation on flatbed trailers, curtain-side trailers, low-bed trailers, multi-axle trailers, reefer trailers, box trailers, & pick up
  • Land transportation in CHINA
  • Land transportation in HONG KONG
  • Land transportation in SINGAPORE
  • Land transportation in MALAYSIA
  • Land transportation in INDONESIA
  • Land transportation in VIETNAM
  • Land transportation in THAILAND
  • Land transportation in PAKISTAN
  • Land transportation in INDIA
  • Land transportation in AFGHANISTAN
  • Land transportation in DUBAI
  • Land transportation in CIS
  • Land transportation in AFRICA

As SuperTerra Container Line Pvt Ltd is Shipping & Forwarding Company, we ensure that the secure transport of goods from one location to another is given to our clients. Sea Shipping we believe our customers are vital and part of our business and our mission is to provide shipping solutions around the world. In addition to being highly cost-effective and competitive, our tailored solutions have always had proactive methods in logistics scenarios and transportation factoring.

We offer both FTL Bonded and non-bonded International Land Transportation services including customs clearance and door to door services from all our location to ICD & Land Lock Countries & Regions. Through a strong service network across the region, we can arrange to move shipments on flat bed trailers, curtain-side trailers, low bed trailers, multi axles, reefer trailers, box trailers, & pickups.

Shipex Transport:

The aspect that gives us an advantage from our rivals is our packaging expertise, as our client gets the one window solution under one roof. We have numerous solutions for our customers by keeping our customers’ specifications and budget in mind. Superterra Container Lines Pvt Ltd has credit for the production of fragile projects which have been very successful along with their international land transportation.

Our land transportation solutions will get your shipments wherever they need to go, in a timely and efficient manner, whether you need a road, rail, or both. If you need a single package shipment or want us to handle the entire supply chain to the surface does not matter our land transport fleet is capable of transport land use at any goods to any location.

Thanks to our vast network of agents, we deliver distribution and warehousing facilities at every corner of the planet.