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Break Bulk & Project Handling

Break Bulk & Project Handling:

SuperTerra Container Lines Pvt Ltd can monitor the entire ship’s side and coordinate the movement of all major lifts and freight units for general steel and ironworks, chemical plants, equipment generating power plants, and wastewater treatment plants.
Our professional staff, many of whom have been working for the organization for over 20 years, will provide support and complete supervision for all aspects of project management and forwarding. All Shipside Supervision is performed by experienced master mariners to ensure that the high-value cargo is unloaded/loaded without any problems or damage in the process of break bulk…

Transporting large freight into smaller units, including pallets, bottles, containers, boxes, or sacks, requires breaking bulk transport. Until large container ships grew, it was the most common means of transporting ocean goods. Although the shipment is usually more labor-intensive than full container load (FCL) and less container load (LCL), it remains the best shipping option even when goods are too large, heavy to fit in a regular container, or when the goods have to be transferred to a minimally developed port where container ships cannot be accommodated.
Project Cargo is what that If you have broken bulk cargo, let SuperTerra Container Pvt Ltd Shipping Services make moving from start to finish easier. We know how to transport your shipment safely and at the lowest possible cost to you thanks to our years of experience and extensive professional network in the project cargo forwarding industry.

Our experienced staff, many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years handling specific project handling assignments, are able to provide guidance and complete management in all aspects of project handling and forwarding. Experienced Master Mariners, to ensure trouble-free and damage-free discharge/loading of high-value cargo, carry out all Shipside Supervision.

Break Bulk Shipping:

Break bulk shipping is still used more often than you would expect, particularly in areas where large or heavy products need to be transported, such as the petrochemical, oil and gas, nuclear, marine and mining industries. Types of goods typically transported in a bulk break shipment include lumber, steel slabs, paper pulp, heavy machinery, and project cargo (such as power generation equipment.

  • It allows businesses in heavy industry & power generation to move their equipment:
  • It allows Goods to enter Ports with Minimal Development:
  • This makes keeping products apart easier:

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