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Air Frieght


Air Freight:


SUPERTERRA Container Lines is an integral part of a global trading enterprise and aims to provide both international and domestic air cargo services. Our range ranges from smaller shipments to foreign charter solutions. We intelligently offer our air cargo services from and to all corners of the world in compliance with specific requirements such as custody emergency, special attention to cargo, etc. The following companies are included in the air freight division:

  • Resources for import and export
  • Airport or door services
  • Solutions of restructuring
  • Solutions Cross Country
  • Charter options for complete or partial aircraft


Millions of freight packages and parts are sent throughout the country every day, but just one thing is important: yours. As business and competition requirements continue to grow, you need a logistics partner who can keep up with the needs. Whether you are shipping your first or a thousandth of your air freight shipping companies, air charter, and ground freight services are superior in North America. Air frequency is the answer. Although specialized in airborne expedited distribution systems, our systems span the entire logistics chain-from 1 kilometre to 2 kilometres like the way we have air freight in the same way we have ocean freight too read more.

Air cargo tracking:


The secret to this competitive advantage is solid logistics, thanks to its seasoned expeditors, company scope, market ties, advanced air cargo tracking technology, and a large network of vehicles and airline partners in the air freight department.


We use the first three digits to give the application to the correct airline automatically

You can do this manually after monitoring if the airline is not sponsored or you want to pick a different airline.

Please contact us if you are aware of any airlines that do not have monitoring!


Airfreight services:


SUPERTERRA air freight takes the entire freight experience seriously as a high-performance air cargo service. We offer an integrated air and ground freight network that offers the widest possible range of air freight choices, without having to request several quotes. The size and speed of the shipment are matched to the right aircraft, removes waste, and reduces costs.

If the scheduled flight is not appropriate for your delay, you can fly your shipment with a different air charter service. Since the moment you call up until your shipment reaches its final destination,

You can trust Superterra to deliver your freight, quality service, and outstanding customer service.


  1. Import & Export Services
  2. To Airport, or to Door Services
  3. Consolidation Solutions
  4. Cross Country Solutions
  5. Full or Part Aircraft Charter Solutions